What Kilimanjaro offers in altitude, Mount Kenya surpasses in beauty. Mount Kenya is a volcano that rises dramatically from the Kenyan plains to a height of 5,199m. Glaciation has played a large part in the current formation of the mountain, with dramatic U shaped Valleys, hanging lakes and a number of tarns. The vegetation is striking with a number of different zones represented. The initial ascent climbs through lush montana forest, dense bamboo, and heathland. The highlight for many is the unique high altitude Afro-Alpine zone which plays host to a bizarre collection of pre-historic looking plants including Senecios and Giant Lobelias. The peak for trekkers is Point Lenana at 4985m, which is a moderate scramble up scree and boulders from the Shiptons Hut at 4,200m. (The real peaks at Batian 5199m and Nelion 5188m are accessible only to technical climbers). Whilst it is possible to climb up and down in three or four days, the quick altitude rise means there is a very strong chance of altitude sickness unless you are already accustomed.

Following a private transfer from Nairobi to Serena Mountain Lodge. The first day is a relatively short acclimatisation walk from the Sirimon Gate to Old Moses Camp. The next day is when it starts to get magic as the forests open up to vast open heathland, with striking views towards the summit. There is a chance of seeing buffalo, elephant and Eland. From Likki North, The a beautiful trail ascends up the Mackinder Valley to Shiptons Camp, nestled attractively at the base of the summits. The climb to Point Lenana itself is usually attempted very early in the morning to reach the summit at sunrise and miss the mid morning cloud cover. From the top the views are incredible, with the tarns sparkling in the early morning sun, valleys radiating away from the peak and in the distance, The Aberdares range and if you are lucky Kilimanjaro breaking up the horizon.

We recommend the five day trek for its superior acclimatisation. In order to aid acclimatisation we break the long one day ascent from Old Moses to Shipton's with a night at Liki North Camp (3990m), before continuing onto Shipton's the next day. 

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